So You’re Engaged… Now What?!


Congratulations on your engagement!!! WOW! You are about to embark on such an incredible journey, trust me I know! I am truly happy for the both of you and this season in your life!!! Take full advantage of being engaged and bask in pre-marital bliss! This is the time to attend wedding showcases, indulge in food and cake tastings, try on your dream gown with friends, and the many other joys that come with this process!

If you’re like most, you have no idea where to begin! And, that is perfectly okay. Planning a wedding can be stressful so I’d like to share a few tips to help you get started.

“Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and beginning of an eternal love story.” – Anonymous

Determine your Wedding Budget

Sit down with your fiancé (this is a decision that must be made together) and discuss how much you are willing to spend on your wedding. First things first, RESEARCH! Research the location where you are planning to get married to find out the average cost of a wedding in that area. This will help you determine a realistic number.

If you are having trouble determining a REALISTIC budget, do not be afraid to consult with a wedding professional.

Determine your Vision

Have you ever attended a wedding before and thought, “I’d really like to do that at my wedding”? Well now you can! It is so important to incorporate your personality into your wedding. For example, one of our couples used street signs from places they frequented in their childhood as their table names during the reception. Their guests absolutely loved it.

I suggest creating a Pinterest board with your wedding inspiration and vision. This will provide vendors with an understanding of what you like as a couple and elements you envision in your wedding design.

Create a Guest List

Creating a guest list early in the process will help you determine so many things – how many invitations you will need, the number of tables/centerpieces, favors, meals, etc. – so make sure you are intentional about the people you place on your list. Preparing your guest list will not be easy, you will want to invite childhood friends, coworkers, church members, people you have not spoken to in years, etc. BUT we all know that is unrealistic.

If you need additional help getting started, get in touch with us to chat!

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