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Their Story

Ramarcus and Victoria grew up in the same small town of Tappahannock, Virginia. Although, they knew of each other throughout school, they never dated. On February 24, 2018, they ran into each other at a high school classmate’s birthday party in DC. Ramarcus bought her a drink, they started to talk, and the conversation just kept going into the night. Eventually, that conversation led to Ramarcus revealing that he had a crush on Victoria. Unbeknownst to her, he actually ran into that high school classmate, Brandt, a few weeks prior at a bar, who let him know that Victoria was planning on attending his party. There was a slight hesitation on Victoria’s part, considering she was not interested in dating anyone at the time, but the two did exchange numbers at the end of the night (she offered her number by the way, because he actually forgot to ask). After that night, the rest was history! Well not exactly, because at first Victoria gave him a hard time, but she eventually couldn’t help but to fall for him. It wasn’t until many weeks later that Ramarcus actually admitted to Victoria, that she was the only reason that he went to the party. They are both so glad that God brought them together in His perfect timing!

The two have traveled to many places together. Already, their love filled adventures have spanned across many time zones, from LA to Bangkok. And of course, they ate plenty of great food along the way. On Christmas day, Ramarcus asked Victoria to marry him, in front of her parents. He wrote a beautiful love letter that she will never forget.

Ramarcus and Victoria were originally scheduled to wed at The Old Silk Mill in Fredericksburg, VA, but COVID-19 changed their plans and they were forced to scale back the number of guests.

Our Petite Soiree was perfect for Ramarcus and Victoria. We secured the beautiful Chandelier Room at La Vie for their ceremony and their romantic reception was held in the Penthouse.

Bridal Details

Victoria wore these gorgeous Badgley Mischka studded sandals. They were the perfect complement to her beautiful wedding gown from Tiffany’s Bridal in Richmond, VA.

Bridal Party

What’s a celebration without Champagne? Victoria’s Bridal Party gave their well wishes as they toasted to the Future Mrs. Baylor!


The couple’s two-tier lemon buttercream cake by Victoria’s Other Secret was beautiful and delicious!

Romantic Candlelit Reception

Mr. & Mrs. Baylor

Watch the event unfold!

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