How to decrease your guest list during COVID

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One of the first things couples think about after the excitement starts to settle from their engagement is the guest list. Who you invite to your wedding makes a big impact on how the party goes! It is not easy to think about cutting down your guest list, but in these unprecedented times it is smart to keep in the back of your mind that Co-Vid restrictions might impact how many people you can have at your venue. If you are stuck with the unfortunate task of having to cut people you wanted to invite, we hope these tips assist you with working through cutting back without hurting anybody’s feelings

Give guests an option to attend virtually

Live streaming events has become extremely popular in this day and age. Adding a virtual component to your wedding allows you to have a smaller (and safer!) in-person event, while still including loved ones everywhere. Many videographers are offering streaming services. Consider hiring a videographer to stream your day in high quality. You can also choose to stream your wedding on Zoom if you are looking to save some pennies. It would be a great idea to project the viewers of your wedding onto a screen at your reception, so that everybody gets the experience of truly being there. Some guests will appreciate the option to view your special day from the comfort of their own homes, but be sure to keep things interesting for the ones far away.

Prioritize your Guests

The best way to keep your guest count from getting too high is to categorize the people in your life. After compiling a full list of all potential guests, break down your list into groups, A, B and C. Start with the people you cannot imagine your wedding day without. These people will go into your Group A and receive top priority when it comes time to send invitations. Group B guests are people who you want to invite, but you can possibly leave off if necessary. Lastly, Group C guests are people you wish could be there, but will not likely make the cut. You can invite these guests to enjoy your wedding via live stream. As you receive RSVPs, you can pull people from Group B and move them into Group A as spaces free up.

Eliminate plus ones

This may sound a little harsh to your single friends and family, but you can certainly eliminate plus ones to keep your guest count to a minimum. When spaces are limited it is understandable to prioritize your immediate family and closest friends. If you do not want to cut out plus ones completely, you can be selective as to who you are reserving these spots for. If you know couples who have been together for a significant amount of time, you would not necessarily want to leave one half feeling left out. However, if you know someone who is in a casual relationship and you have not had much interaction with their partner, it is advisable that you only invite the person you are closest to.

Child-Free Day

There are plenty of legitimate reasons, to opt for an adult-only wedding, and the decision is completely yours. If you want a child-free celebration, you’re completely welcome to it (tons of couples choose to). Make it clear from the start that your wedding is adults only by addressing each invitation to exactly those invited. Otherwise, some guests with children might assume their whole family is welcome. You could also hire a professional nanny service to supervise in a nearby space at your reception site. In most cases, parents often appreciate the opportunity to let their hair down and celebrate this exciting milestone with you, minus any added responsibilities!

Hire a Wedding Planner

Of course, hiring a wedding planner will help keep you organized, but we know that wedding planners always have a trick or two up their sleeves when it comes to these awkward situations. They can help you plan ways to keep your guest count down as well as provide experiences for guests who may be attending virtually. They can even go as far as reaching out to your guests on your behalf to help you avoid any unwanted confrontation. Having a planner in your corner is a great idea to help you keep the focus and attention on you and relief some of the pressure you will feel when planning every aspect of your wedding day.

How ever you choose to cut back on your guest list, make sure to communicate open and honestly with friends and family that did not make the cut. Remind them that while they are important to you and you wish that you could invite everyone you know, due to external factors, you are required to keep the guest count low. Many people will be very understanding and respectful, especially during these hard times. You and your future partner are the most important part of your wedding day. Keeping all of this in mind, it’s time to take a deep breath and start making your list! It’s a big task, so break open a bottle of wine, and just dive in. You’ll get through this!

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