Benefits of a First Look

Picture this… your future spouse is ushered to a secluded area, with no one else around, but the photographer and/or videographer. You walk up from behind for the big reveal.  When they hear their name or get the tap on their shoulder, it is time to turn around. As you lay eyes on each other, you get wrapped up in a wave of emotions as you have your first look at each other on your wedding day! You hug, kiss, spin around to get a full impression of the dress, and just enjoy one another’s company for a few special moments.  You can pray together, laugh together, cry together, and get some of those wedding day jitters out!


Many couples who choose to do a first look say that it was the best decision they made because they had the time to connect with their person. Here are some points to help you decide if a first look is right for you.  

Private time with your future spouse

Most couples do not realize that if they wait until the ceremony starts to see each other, they do not usually get to embrace, or even speak candidly, until 30 minutes later. After walking down the aisle, the ceremony immediately begins.  Almost immediately after the ceremony, the wedding party will join with congratulations and the couple is rushed off to family portraits, so the reaction is short lived on top of being delayed.

Twice as many photos

Let’s be honest, wedding photography is an investment. Couples are investing in their wedding photography because they know it is one of the only real keepsakes from their special celebration.  You want to make the most out of your investment and a first look allows for time to capture even more pictures.  The first look puts couples in the best “lovey dovey” mood that simply is not there after 45 minutes of family and bridal party photos after the ceremony.


Fresh hair & makeup

First looks happen right after the couple is done getting ready. The hairstylist just pinned the veil, the make-up artist just finished with her setting spray, and everything is still in perfect condition. These photos will look flawless with fresh hair and make-up rather than waiting a few hours and sweating the look out during the ceremony. If you are a heavy crier, make sure to leave time for touch ups!       

Spend time at cocktail hour

If couples and photographers plan the timeline out (and everything goes according to plan) they can capture getting ready and detail shots, first look, couple portraits, wedding party shots, and possibly family formals before the ceremony even begins. This leaves more time to enjoy cocktail hour with friends and family, or sneak away for some private time as newlyweds before the reception begins.

 Desire Photography + Films

If you are concerned that doing the first look will take away from the feelings you’ll have at the aisle, just know that nothing can take away from the anticipation and emotions of officially becoming a newlywed. The music, your friends and family looking at you, the first time you see your ceremony set-up… the moment is still VERY special and VERY emotional. However, if you choose to save the first look for your walk down the aisle, the memory of seeing your future spouse tearing up at the altar is very sweet!

Everyone dreams of the day when they will see their future spouse for the first time on their wedding day. It is a moment filled with beautiful, raw emotions that can only be experienced by a couple once. No matter the time of day you choose to see each other, make sure to embrace that moment!

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