A Whimsical Workplace Romance


DeAndre and Tiffaney met in Arlington, Virginia, while working for the Federal Government. When Tiffaney returned from leave, she noticed a new employee that she had yet to meet. Her friend, Will, thought it was necessary to meet the new IT guy, as he put it. She was formally introduced to DeAndre in July 2013 and he never stopped talking! Although we had casual conversations that DeAndre monopolized, she was not at all interested in him, or so she thought.

It was not until July 2015 that DeAndre asked Tiffaney out on a date. She was hesitant but wanted to get to know him better. So, she took a chance and that was the beginning of their beautiful relationship. They were like high schoolers, on the phone for hours-on-end every night. There was never a lull in the conversation and Tiffaney was drawn to him. Their first date was on July 18, 2015; they have been inseparable ever since.

The Proposal

August is always a big month for both Tiffaney and DeAndre because it is their birthday month. 2019 offered more than they anticipated. Tiffaney flew to the U.S. to be in her cousin’s vow renewal in Savannah, Georgia. It was perfect timing because DeAndre was buying his first house. Oh, not to mention that the week prior, DeAndre found out that he had been selected for promotion!! On August 30, 2019, they loaded up the truck to make the two-hour trek to Savannah.

The first stop was to meet with his realtor and lawyer; DeAndre was going to closing on his house. They were so excited! It was a beautiful sunny day. After signing paperwork and receiving the keys, DeAndre wanted to stop by his house. As he put it, he had his promotion, his house, and his woman. Tiffaney repeatedly reminded him, jokingly, that she did not have a ring on her finger, so there was no guarantee that he “had” his woman. Per usual, he paid Tiffaaney no mind.

When they arrived to the house and walked around; taking it all in. DeAndre went outside to retrieve something that Tiffaney left in the car. He’d taken a while and as Tifaney stood in the house overcome with emotion, she imagined how wonderful it would be if he were to propose. She quickly brushed the thought away. DeAndre came into the house and they talked about design possibilities. Tiffaney kept rushing DeAndre and telling him that they needed to get on the road, but he quickly silenced her and started talking about how happy he was to share the moment with her. After a few more amazing words, DeAndre dropped to one knee. Tiffaney could not hear what he said over her tears, but she heard him ask her to marry him. The only answer was, “yes!” Tiffaney and DeAndre cannot imagine their lives without one another. DeAndre and Tiffaney can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together!

Tiffeney and DeAndre are getting married at The Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. We are so excited to see their white and gold elegant affair come to life. #searight2yourheart


Photography: Trene Forbes Photography
Makeup: Tiera Marie

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